Apple’s Bezelless Technology is Noticeably Different than those Offered by the Rest

June 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s revelation of the iOS 11 last week made it clear that the upcoming OS will come heavily optimized for bezelless displays. That quite asserts the fact that iOS 11 will be shipping first on the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone that is all set to be Apple’s first edge-to-edge display device.

There are already more than a handful of renders that claims the look of the upcoming device. Add to that, we have a new render which interestingly holds a different take of the bezelless display. Unlike the rest, the latest render from iDropNews presents the render with a cut-out that expands inwards to the display.

Accordingly, this cut-out at the top will be to accommodate the front camera and additional sensors for face and iris recognition. Earlier reports have suggested that these would be placed beneath the display. But the latest render designates a distinct spot on the top for these sensors inside the display.

This would make it interesting as of how Apple would manage the top bar of its display. Apart from that, the render also confirms that the iPhone 8 will feature glass-embedded sensors, contrary to some of the previous reports that hinted for a rear fingerprint sensor on the device.

If true, Apple will be ahead of its rival in the race to get embedded fingerprint sensors. But all doesn’t sound great with the iPhone 8, as there are other reports which suggest that Apple will be featuring Intel modems instead of the ones from Qualcomm due to the company’s  rift with the latter. That would mean that the iPhone 8 will arrive sans the fastest gigabit speeds offered by Qualcomm modems.

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