WhatsApp Tipped to Introduce Recall Feature Soon on iOS

June 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp has been long expected to feature a recall option to let users recall sent messages. Despite being tested in beta for over a year, we haven’t still yet witnessed any signs of the feature being brought to stable version. But latest report suggests that the feature is imminent on the iOS version.

According to known WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, the feature is expected to be remotely enabled in v2.17.30+. The ‘+’ here denotes to any version that arrives post the mentioned version which arrived last week on the iOS.

That said, WhatsApp is already believed to have done the spadework for enabling the recall feature. The feature in WhatsApp will let users revoke sent messages within a time of five minutes. Similar features have already been made available in some of the rival messenger platforms.

Alongside, WhatsApp is also planning to bring back the contact list on iOS, which was removed after the introduction of Status tabs. The list was brought back to the Android version through the introduction of a contact button, and similar addition is now expected on the iOS version as well. Additional features like Live Location Sharing feature and Change Number features. The former will share your location to contacts for a specified duration, while the latter will automatically inform your changed number to your contacts.

The iOS version was recently upgraded to version 2.17.30 which brought in photo filter options similar to that of in Snapchat. Five filters were introduced in the update that can be placed atop photos, GIFs and videos before sending.

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