One Plus Poised to Raise the Bar with Flagship Model Yet Again

June 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
Flagship products of OnePlus have always doted on memory overhauls. To recall, OnePlus 2 was among the first in the smartphone world to feature RAM of 4GB, and so was OnePlus 3 amidst the world of 6GB smartphones. And now, if reports are to be believed, One Plus will be taking its ardour to newer heights this year.
The Chinese manufacturer has officially revealed that it will be unveiling the flagship OnePlus 5 device on July 20. The company hasn’t yet spilled the beans over any of its specification, but what has already been confirmed is the presence of Snapdragon 835, thanks to an early reveal of a partnership between Qualcomm and Snapdragon.
That’s one big upgrade the One Plus 5 will be featuring, considering that there are still flagships out there which are yet to embrace the latest chipset from Qualcomm. But the bigger update comes in the fact that along with the SoC upgrade, OnePlus 5 will also have an upgrade in terms of primary memory.
As one could guess, the OnePlus 5 is now reported to feature a RAM of  8GB inside, undoubtfully making it the first ever device to feature such a humungous count of RAM. The report comes courtesy of Evan Blass who has spotted a coding in Amazon, the retail partners of OnePlus in India.
There would be definite questions of whether such big numbers are really required, but the move can be vindicated given the advancements to which smartphones are making the leap, especially with the AR and VR improvements. OnePlus might be playing the big gamble here by being the first to feature 8GB RAM. But none of its previous RAM experiments had proven wrong either, despite being faced similar apprehensive concerns.
One Plus is yet to respond to the report, and we can expect the response on June 20 upon when it will have the covers unwrapped off OnePlus 5 smartphone.
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