Chrome Makes Surfing Faster with JavaScript upgrades in Latest Version

June 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome’s latest update finally has brought back its focus on improving the browsing experience through speed rather than the interface. Version 59 of Chrome has now arrived on Android bringing in noticeable improvements to load times over its predecessor.

The improvement is a result of the optimisation of the JavaScript engine that lets faster loading of pages alongside bringing down the consumption of memory. Google has been tweaking the metrics inside JavaScript for around two months to better the real-world quantification.

The update will help Chrome achieve 10-20% better speeds over the previous versions including better startup times. Google has also upgraded the overall performance by roping in modern libraries and frameworks.

Apart from improved page load speeds, Chrome’s latest version also adds support for animated PNGs or APNGs. Similar to GIFs, the APNGs will offer animated imageries with additional support for 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency. The format was already supported by Mozilla in Firefox browser and is gaining more popularity among the users with its adoption by iMessage apps.

Chrome 59 is currently available for download in Play Store. Prior to the Android rollout, Google has rolled out version 59 for Windows, Linux and MacOS with additional support for material design. Options under the settings will now be presented as cards. Additionally, Chrome will also have support for native notifications of MacOS and additional search options in the action bar.

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