Microsoft’s CShell is Its Best Effort till Date for Unifying Windows

June 7, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen Microsoft coming up with numerous revamps ever since it embraced the plans to unify its Windows OS across all devices including PC, smartphones and Xbox consoles. Some of them were successful, but it’s fair to say that the OS on each platform still stands rambling.

But thanks to CShell that it could finally bridge that gap by a large extent. CShell is the latest version of the Windows Shell that has been upshot to chain the platforms together. Unlike the previous ones, CShell has got an upper edge in the sense that it aims at screen size optimization.

Needless to say, screen size optimization for the OS as well as apps have remained a bigger concern for Windows to unify its platforms across big screen packed PCs and small screen-packed smartphones. CShell will tackle down this problem by letting the adaptation easier, most of which will be playing the part in smartphones.

The changes look minimal at initial glances on smartphones, but there are many that become perceivable when glanced deeply. Those include the options to further tweak the sizes of Live Tiles, addition of Action Center, and landscape option for Start screen. The Action Center introduced also bears no difference from that of in PC, with support for customization and actionable notifications.

Besides, CShell also will allow the Windows Continuum to run multiple apps simultaneously in windowed mode. Apps were forced to run in full screen mode until now when using Continuum.  That’s one key area where CShell will play a vital role in merging the OS across multiple platforms.

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