Apple Downplays Echo Rivalry with its Audio-Focused HomePod Speakers

June 7, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has been reported to be working on its own AI-powered digital speakers for a long time. It’s now finally come to the forefront. The HomePod is the new digital speaker that will come loaded with Siri, similar to Amazon’s Echo and Google Home which packs Alexa and Google Assistant respectively.

However, Apple insists that its HomePod speakers won’t be competing directly against the likes of the aforesaid. That’s because Apple doesn’t wants to boast about its AI prowess, but instead wants to get the consumers excited with its audio.

Apple’s HomePod comes with seven tweeters arrayed inside the cylindrical handy speakers. In addition, there is also an in-built subwoofer to level the audio frequencies. It’s not revealed yet as of what technology has been used for its speakers, but Apple says it will be a breakthrough home speaker.

Apple has given priority to audio quality ahead of AI integration. And the result is quite evident; a comparison of the audio qualities of HomePod and Amazon Echo will definitely bring out some clear differences, with the former topping the chart in most of the charts.

Despite given lesser attention for AI, HomePod will still have the backing of Siri, which means that you can do all the basic tasks except for the additional skills in Echo speakers using HomePod. Apple’s strategy to downplay AI could very well do the task for them.

Indeed, speakers should have at least a little emphasis on audio quality. But smart speakers of the modern days have dumped that priority and instead have been toiling to improve its AI prowess. It’s always good to see the market behemoth taking up the bold and right move to shake up the digital speaker segment at the right time.

Apple’s HomePod speakers won’t be arriving before fall. Pricing of the device is also yet to be revealed. We can expect that to be higher than Echo, but it sure has got its own perks for that additional payment made.

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