iOS 11: Top Features that Would Excite You

June 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference witnessed what we were all expecting; the shift of focus to improving productivity on iPads with iOS 11. As a result, a slew of new features have been added to the upcoming version of iOS.

Along with that, Apple has also managed to bring in some other noteworthy updates to the iOS platform, most of which covers the some key areas. Here are some of those areas which iOS 11 will bring forward a new experience with iOS 11.


Apple never forgets to update its digital assistant in its new iOS iterations. With iOS 11, Apple has focused more on improving the background performance of Siri. The update will allow Siri to show up more search results for the queries raised.

Besides, it can also now scroll through your app usages to display better tailored suggestions. For instance, Siri can now show you suggestions based on your surfing interest from Safari, or from info from your mails.

Siri also gets support for real-time translations. As of now, it can show real-time translations of five languages; Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. More languages will be added along with future updates.

Apple Pay

With iOS 11, users will be finally able to transfer money to their friends and family via  Apple Pay. Recipients will have the money reflected in their Apple Pay account, and it can be used to make payments for purchases at shops or online using Apple Pay. The money can also be transferred to their bank accounts through the app.

Apple will also remind you more of Apple Pay with iOS 11. This includes suggestions of Apple Pay using Siri whenever it detects discussion ofmoney being made by you. You can also invoke the Apple Pay feature using Siri now.


With iOS 11, Apple devices will have a universal sync of messages across multiple devices that are connected with a single account. This would mean that messages deleted from an iPhone will also be deleted from iPads connected with the same account.

Apart from that, Apple is also improving the interface by adding a new app drawer to facilitate instant sharing. This includes sharing through multiple services including Apple Pay.


One of the salient features of iOS 11 is the new feature called Do Not Disturb while Driving. The feature will automatically silence your notifications once it detects that you are in motion. A notification will also be pushed, which users can dismiss in case if they are riding as a passenger.

Apple is also improving the navigation experience by adding lane guidance to make sure that you don’t skid off the right lane. Airport and indoor maps are also new additions that will sure enrich the Maps utility with iOS 11.


Lock Screen & Control Center

Lock Screen was one key area of improvement inside iOS 10. Despite the shift in focus, Apple has managed to make additional improvements to one of its favorite areas. With iOS 11, the Lock Screen will now have improved notifications to let you watch them all in one place. This includes recent and missed notifications which can now be seen in a cross sheet when pulling down the top bar in the screen.

The Control Center also gets improved with support for 3D Touch. Additional controls like playlist control and volume control has also been enabled in the improved Control Center.


Apple’s camera improvements for iOS 11 focus on compression. Videos are now compressed using high-efficiency video coding, which will deliver same quality videos at half the size. The same applies for images, which will now be coded using HEIF (High-Efficiency image File Format).

Live Photos also gets updated with editable features. Users will be able to adjust live pictures including options like muting videos, reversing the loop and more even after having the Live Photos created.

iOS 11 will be arriving this fall for all. Ahead of that, Apple will be releasing a public beta which will be going live by the end of this month.

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