iOS 11 would Redesign File Management, Suggests New Placeholder Listing

June 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple will have its Worldwide Developer Conference kickstarted in a matter of few hours. The event is expected to unwrap the covers off the latest version of iOS. But ahead of that, Apple is already giving away some tidbits about what to expect in the latest OS.

One among those appeared with the placeholder listing on the App Store that showcased a new app called Files. Spotted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith earlier this week, the app has since been pulled down from the Placeholder listing, but we do have some valuable information passed on.

Accordingly, the Files app represent an icon that’s similar to blue folders in Mac OS. Smith has also revealed that the requirements listed iOS 11 along with a support for the 64-bit structure. No further details of the app have been out, but assumptions are that Apple could do a U-turn with file management with the upcoming iOS iteration.

Apple’s tradition reflects the abstraction of files to the maximum, with the sole option of exploring them being through individual apps. That’s different from Android, which follows a traditional file management system with additional cloud storage providers.

The new Files app gives out the suggestion that iOS could take cues from its rival OS in bringing in traditional file management options for the user. Definitely, files would still have to be saved on iCloud Drive. But users will have a better structured insight of those with the upcoming iOS, something which was absent ever since the introduction of iOS in 2007.

Apple hasn’t responded to the reports, but it sure will at its developer conference where we will get to know more about Files as well as other details about iOS 11.

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