Google Innovates Gboard Yet Again with More Card Carousels, Instant Share Features

June 2, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The evolution of Google keyboard is certainly one among the best we have seen in the Android ecosystem so far. From being a keyboard that was instantly replaced with third-party keyboards by users who wanted more, the keyboard from Google has now become one of the most enjoyed keyboards in Android, thanks to its evolution into Gboard.

All this achieved despite keeping the design layouts unchanged over the evolution, and Google is sticking with the same policy with their latest update: bringing massive overhauls without hampering the user friendly layout of the keyboard.

The latest additions are now available in the beta version of Gboard, which adds a slew of new feature that can raise the popularity of Gboard even higher. Those include new search card carousels, share feature, GIF searches, new emoji search and more.

The highlight is the addition of new search cards. Google will now pop up search cards for more search terms including locations instead of listing the search results vertically. Shortcuts will be provided alongside to perform quick actions like making a call or entering navigation. This will guide users to corresponding apps like Google Maps or Chrome.

Another feature is the addition of a new explicit share button. Results from the keyboard appearing in cards can now be quickly shared in chats. While this feature is not a ground-breaking one, it still is indeed the one that will help users stick to their chats and conversations without having to work their fingers much for sharing locations or links.

Google has also improved its media search by adding GIF lookup in web searches. Users will now be able to switch between web and GIF searches using the new tab along the bottom row of controls in the keyboard. Alongside, emojis can also be accessed in a new manner, i.e. by simply drawing them on a sketch pad that can be invoked with the help of a new button made available along the emoji search bar.

The features are currently available in the beta version, but all of them can be expected to be present in the upcoming update for the stable app.

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