Nest’s Latest Security Camera Claims to be Smarter than an Average Camera

May 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nest doesn’t come up with products quite often. But when they does, they make sure that it keep the mass talking about it. That’s the same with the latest product, the Nest Cam IQ.

Nest Cam IQ is the third product from the manufacturer which started off its business with a thermostat. As the name suggest, Nest Cam is that security cam which comes with a higher IQ, or in pure sense, better artificial intelligence.  That’s because it can perform much more than what an average security cam does, both in terms of capturing and intelligence.

On the camera front, the Nest Cam IQ will deliver HD quality recording that won’t be producing pixelated images like you see with an average cam. Nest Cam uses a 4K sensor for this purpose, although you might be able to capture only HD videos. But thanks to this that Nest can also zoom in on objects and track their movement with the help of the 130-degree wide-angle cam it features, a feature that’s called Supersight by the company.

Apart from tracking objects, Nest Cam IQ also possess the ability to distinguish them. It means that it can distinguish between persons from other moving objects like pets. This will be combined with the facial recognition technology of the camera to alert you when required as per its intelligence. The service will although require the user to sign up to the Nest Aware feature, which is available at a cost of $100 a year or $10 per month.

Nest Cam IQ can also not just put its camera to use, but also its microphones. The device can sent you audio alerts based on what it hears even if the source is out of its vision. The device is packed with three microphones for this cause. Alongside, it will also speakers for two-way conversations and LED rings that gets lighted up when having those conversations.

Nest Cam is now up for pre-orders, with deliveries expected to be made in the next few weeks. The camera is priced a slightly higher tag of $299 compared to the predecessors, which currently retails at $199. But definitely, the hike is justified by the extra features packed by the security camera.

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