Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone to Embrace Markets in a Month

May 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Andy Rubin, the father of Android, has come up with what was in his minds for quite some time; the Essential Phone smartphone. At the Code Conference, Rubin has unveiled the first batch of products that will be shipped under the Essential brand, and it includes the previously rumored smartphone as well as a Home device to rival the likes of Echo and Google Home.

Essential Phone, called as the PH-1, follows the path set up by flagship devices by embracing a bezel-less design, but with its own distinct traits. Unlike Samsung and LG, which featured edge-to-edge display without comprising the smartphone aesthetics, the Essential Phone features a block design that pretty much deviates from the curved design of the flagships. Moreover, it looks similar to Mi Mix device from Xiaomi that featured minimum bezels on the top.

Instead of opting for a round design, Rubin has preferred a more square design with squared titanium rail along the edges. There aren’t any curved surfaces on the front or rear side of the device, but the rear-side do features a glossy ceramic build to create the metallic build feel.

The display measures 5.7-inch diagonally, but thanks to the minimum use of bezels that it doesn’t feel so. However, the blocky design of the device do makes is bulkier than other 5.7-inch devices with edge-to-edge display.

Little has been revealed about the hardware running inside. As for the software, the Essential Phone will run a pure Android. The device will have its own AI assistant, which will at the same time open up support for other assistants like that from Google or Samsung.

Featuring a single USB-C port on its body, the Essential Phone gets rid of the headset ports, but compromises it with a new magnetic connector, which Rubin says will solve the absence of ports for dongles and cables.  The company also revealed a 360-degree camera add-on that can be paired with the primary cam of the device.

Alongside the Essential Phone, Rubin has also revealed the new Home device, a portable speaker powered by its own AI assistant. The devices showcased were the prototype versions, but the company is expecting to ship the devices within a month.

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