LG Goes for a Makeover with Secondary Displays of its Premium V Series Smartphones

May 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG is certainly not in a mood to give up its love for secondary display in its premium range of smartphones as it seems. We witnessed its introduction with the V series smartphones, with LG opting a top bar display above the primary display for both V10 and V20. It now appears that the next in the lineup, the V30, will also be following similar lines, but not in its traditional form.

Tipster Evan Blass has leaked a few renders of the prospected V30 smartphone, and quite interestingly, it doesn’t feature a display bar like the V10 or V20 above the primary display. That’s because LG has made a complete rejig with the display and made it available as a slider display in the V30 smartphone.

The secondary display beneath the primary one can be called by sliding the device up so that the display pops up below the primary display. That’s similar to how you evoke physical keyboards in traditional slide mobiles.

There is no info about the features that could get loaded onto the secondary display. Being placed beneath the primary display, the V30 could utilize its secondary display much differently than in the predecessors. The reshuffled place would open up additional features inside the secondary display like keyboard support, quick suggestions, multi-app support, or even extending the primary display.

Both the displays are said to be featuring OLED panels, which would also force LG to push the notifications and weather updates to the secondary display provided they stay a bit protruded beneath even when fully closed. LG is yet to give out any official word regarding this matter, but we can expect to hear some before fall this year if the aforesaid is to materialize.

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