Intel May Give Thunderbolt the Go Universal Push with CPU Integration

May 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thunderbolt is still confined to Macs. However, it might soon be changing as the high-speed USB technology is about to go universal as per Intel’s plans.

Revealing its intentions to spread the technology across multiple devices, Intel has announced that it’s planning to integrate Thunderbolt 3 into future processors from the company. This will be followed by Intel releasing Thunderbolt Protocol Specification to the Industry that would finally have the technology at everyone’s disposal.

While the current USB standards offer high speed transfers, the entry of Thunderbolt to all the mainstream devices is still of huge relevance. That’s not just because it can offer transfer speeds of 40 GB per seconds, four time faster than of USB. Instead, the addition of Thunderbolt would add a whole new dimension to current-gen PCs.

These include varied applications like in offering multiple 4K monitor support, support for external drives and GPUs, connectivity with docking stations, and connectivity for virtual reality headsets. The free-licensing of Thunderbolt 3 would mean that peripherals of the above mentioned would well be embracing the technology to let faster and efficient transfer of data shape up between the devices and PCs.

The harsh truth however is that it will indeed take some time to accomplish the vision of Thunderbolt everywhere. But if Intel gives the real push, then things might speed up. They shouldn’t hush down like in previous instances. To recall, Intel has been envisioning Thunderbolt integration for quite a time, but it now appears that everything is heading in the right direction.

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