Google Rolling Out a Complete OS Version of Android for Automobiles

May 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android Auto was Google’s face in the segment of connected cars, but it’s changing. The global tech behemoth is finally up with its dedicated OS for automobiles, and it’s called Android Automotive.

Unlike Android Auto, the new Android Automotive is a totally refined version of Android designed with special emphasis for cars. It means that you don’t just get an interface, but the entire OS prowess of Android in your infotainment systems. That’s unlike Android Auto, which with the help of smartphone apps projected a mere Android interface onto your dashboard devices.

Google is partnering with Volvo and Audi to bring its Android ecosystem onto automobiles at first. The OS will be featured in the upcoming range of next-generation vehicles from the manufacturers. The company has also shown off two versions of Android Automotive, with one being a pure version and the other being a skinned version similar to Android OS for smartphones.

Android Automotive will bring a host of its app including Google Maps and third-party ones like Spotify to its ecosystem. But there are still many questions left to be answered, like whether there will be any difference in between the apps for Android Automotive and Android Auto. More such details are expected to get uncovered during the I/O conference this week.

Google’s leap onto the automotive segment with a fully-fledged OS reflects a bigger ambition of getting involved with connected cars. This, although, is not the first time we will have an Android on-board an automotive. Manufacturers like Hyundai and Honda have shipped older versions of Android OS on their vehicles, but sans any hand of involvement from Google.

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