Light’s Insane 16-Lens Camera Soon to Reach Customers

April 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having dual-lens packed on the rear-side of a smartphone has become a common trend. But how about having an array of 16 lenses? You heard it right. Light, the American based digital photography company is up with a system that bridges 16 camera sensors together.

It wouldn’t be on a smartphone however, as Light’s intriguing technique will be coming out in the form of a multi-sensor camera.

The L16 which was initially unveiled over a year ago is now nearing its final pre-release stage, ahead of which the company has now revealed its final launch design. The design looks pretty much similar to that of its earlier looks, but with reshuffled position of lenses probably to accommodate the flash.

The DSLR quality camera will have 16 lenses packed distinctly on its front side. Each sensor will work on its own to bring out an effective output of a large sensor, equal to 52 MP.

The working is similar to those of in the dual-cam setup; to unite the individual images captured by each sensor and deliver a single high resolution image.

The massive array also helps in offering additional options like letting users adjust the depth of field even after capturing the image. It also offers an optical zoom with a range of 35 mm to 150 mm.

L16 is yet to reveal its rear side, where it will be packing the controls and the USB ports. Shipping of the units will commence on July 14th for those who have pre-ordered at $1699. Additional pre-orders are not made available for the time being, but it should resume once the initial batch gets shipped.

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