Samsung Galaxy S8 Flagship Might Not Peck $1000, Reveals Latest Leak

March 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be getting unveiled within ten days, and we already have had sneak peeks of the major features packed in the device through leaks. But there have been a few areas that have been untouched until now. But those are now coming under the light as well.

It’s the pricing of the much anticipated device that have kept the mass scratch their heads. But they won’t have to anymore if the reveal from tipster @Evleaks is anything to go by. According to him, the Galaxy S8 device will be priced at 799€, which translates to around $850 in USD. That’s a considerable lift from the pricing of its predecessor, the Galaxy S7. However, the conversion doesn’t reflect the actual pricing, and Galaxy S8 could still be coming with a pricing of around $750.

As with the bigger device, the Galaxy S8 Plus, Evan Blass says that it will be priced at 899€, which just misses the $1000 mark being converted to $966 USD. If this stays true, users can have a sigh of relief as Samsung’s premium device won’t cross $1000 mark like reported before. It will still be the highest priced Samsung smartphone till date yet.

Apart from that, Blass has also revealed new renders of the Galaxy S8, which showcases the three available shades of the flagship device. Those are Black Sky, Orchide Grey, and Arctic Silver. It’s quite clear from the image that Samsung will be housing a black panel for all the color variants to conceal the sensors, and it will only be through the side and rear view that the shade difference will come alive.

Samsung will be revealing Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus at its event scheduled on March 29.

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