Android O will Improve Multi-Tasking with Picture-in-Picture Mode

March 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It appears like Google will be reverting to its former timeframe for Android O, the upcoming smartphone OS from Google. Unlike previous year, Google has not showed up any early developer preview of Android 8.0, and the only official tease is of the ‘Oreo’ naming, which to is far from confirmation.

That said, Google will have its upcoming Android previewed during the Google I/O conference that’s scheduled to take place in May. But that hasn’t prevented the rumors from flowing in. A week after it was reported that Android 8 could up its text-based activities with AI, the focus has now turned on to a couple of other interesting features which Android 8 could bring in.

One among those should be a boon for multi-taskers, as Google will be fetching its Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode from Android TVs to the smartphone OS. Presumably, this could be arriving exclusive for tablets. But chances of a uniform availability of the feature cannot be ruled out either.

PIP was initially spotted in Android Nougat on all devices, but Google decided to enable it only for Android TVs. As with Apple’s iOS, the feature is already available on its iPad devices.

Google will also be finally revamping icons with Android 8.0, which will finally add support for badges to show counters for active notifications like for chat, messenger, and email applications. This shouldn’t be a big addition for many, as most of the smartphones today feature in-house launchers that support such counters along with icons. However, those implementations will now pass through an official regulatory from Google.

Reports also indicate that Android 8 will finally have Google’s mysterious Andromeda project merged along, which will introduce new features like intelligent notifications that will be shown only on those devices that are being used at that time by a user, even if signed in through multiple devices.

The aforesaid have to be taken with a pinch of salt, as it’s still too early to confirm any feature for the upcoming Android iteration. Google is most likely to debut the preview during May this year, upon which we will be introduced new features along with the ones mentioned above.

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