Google Assistant Won’t Embrace Tablets Despite Wider Rollout

March 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Assistant has started its journey on non-Pixel devices. We are sure many of the Android users are checking for its arrival by doing a tap-and-hold with their home buttons. Google has revealed that its personal assistant will arrive on devices running Nougat as well as Marshmallow. However, that doesn’t entirely reveal the picture.

According to the latest report, a segment of the so-called eligible OS-running devices will still be missing out the Google Assistant entry. Unfortunately, it’s not a small segment as the mentioned class is the tablets.

Earlier revelation has raised concern over whether Google Assistant will arrive on Android-powered tablets. Putting an end to all those queries, Google has now come up with the official announcement that its Assistant won’t be showing up in tablets anytime soon. At least, tablet owners can now stop hitting and holding their home buttons now.

But that said, it’s not that Google is completely omitting the tablet segment. It could arrive for the bigger devices at some point later. But you should definitely stop anticipating for that point to be sooner. Google has refused to comment on whether they have a schedule for the tablet debut of Google Assistant.

Users can still go the hard way of bringing up the Google Assistant if having eligible OS running in their tablets. However, those desiring an official entry would have to test their patience. This should also heat up the Android faithful who have been feeling an unfair treatment of tablets by Google including its own apps.

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