Alexa Finally Shows up on iPhone through Amazon App

March 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon is making one of the boldest moves till date in terms of expanding its much beloved Alexa voice assistant. After a host of third party support additions, the voice assistant will now make its official debut on iPhones through the main app of Amazon.

Amazon has officially rolled out the support of Alexa inside the Amazon app, and it will specialize now on discerning user commands to help them with their shopping tasks. To activate the voice assistant, users can click the new microphone icon that’s made available at the top portion of the app.

Once you wake up Alexa, you can use it to aid you with a host of shopping tasks such as placing an order, adding new lists to your cart or removing them, etc. The better part is that Alexa isn’t just restricted to shopping tasks.

You can also use it to control Amazon Prime Music. If that’s not enough, you can also wake up Alexa inside the app to answer a series of questions including those related to weather and mathematics. It will also handle many ‘skills’ provided by third-party app developers, but don’t expect to get all the 10,000 skills available on Echo to be activated in your iPhone. Besides, you will also have to open up the main app to get them activated every time.

The lack of support outside the Amazon app could be a major backdrop, but it’s still a big move considering it as the first-step of Amazon in expanding Alexa to non-Amazon hardware. Yet, there is no word on whether the voice assistant will be embracing any time soon.

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