Here’s How to Track Your Misplaced Smartphone with Alexa

March 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those in love with Alexa will argue that there’s nothing that Alexa can’t do right now. That might sound too exaggerated, but it’s fair to say that Alexa is capable of handling much more than what we think.

In fact, those owning an Echo is standing at that point in which they wan’t Alexa for everything. So how about calling your speaker-mate to easily find your misplaced phone? Well, that’s possible too, thanks to the support for some third-party apps.

TrackR is the name of the app which you need to install in your smartphone if to track down your device using hands free commands. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

By tracking down, we certainly mean finding your device inside your home.Don’t expect Alexa to get the GPS location of your device if that was forgotten somewhere outside. Instead, this method will make your smartphone ring loud, which should help you in finding them lying between or underneath objects. Besides, the app will also make your smartphone yell even if it’s in silent mode.

The process of setting up the app is also ridiculously easy. Once you have the app installed in your smartphone, it will show up three options, amongst which you will have to select the second one, i.e. “Find Your Phone with Alexa.”

This will automatically guide you to the next step, which is to enable the Alexa skills. To do so, just say”Alexa, enable the Find My Phone Skill” to your Echo device. The next step is to pair your device with Alexa, which will require you to enter the Alexa-generated PIN in your device using the app. That’s all it requires, and once all these processes are finished, you will be able to ring your smartphone by just saying “Alexa, ask TrackR to call/ring my phone.”

If you are bothered about the tiny space the app consumes, you can also do the trick without the installation of TrackR. But that requires a more complex set-up. Afterall, sparing 35 MG won’t be a big concern either.

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