Google Smart-Jacket Arriving This Fall; Keep Your $350 Ready

March 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s fair to say that wearable technology hasn’t lived up to expectations; blame it on its clunky design, inconvenient form factor, or lack of utility. But thanks to those reasons that each time a new wearable shows up, we hold high hopes of receiving something innovative. Google’s Project Jacquard-backed jacket was one such innovative concept that was revealed a couple of years ago, and we would soon come to know whether it will be living up all those expectations.

Commuter, the smart-jacket born out of the partnership of Google and Levis is finally crossing all the hurdles to hit the markets later this fall.

Commuter is different from the rest of the wearable in the sense that it doesn’t feature a display. Yet, it’s touch responsive. Levis has embedded conductive fibers onto the left cuff of the jacket, which will then emit the touch-based signals to the smartphones via Bluetooth attachment that doubles as the cufflink. With those, users will be able to trigger various smartphone operations like having music played/paused, calls attended and more.

Users will find no trouble having a bunch of fibers embedded under the cuffs, as those are flexible and washable. However, you would still have to remove the cufflinks before wash, as those are where the actual electronics are arrayed.

The jacket was first announced back in 2015, following which Google kept on teasing the jacket on a regular basis. Apparently, the jacket now appears to be in the same shape as it was when it was shown to the world for the first time. That pretty much puts the blame for the delay upon the head of Project Jacquard, the software resource which powers up the functioning of the smart jacket.

With a $350 price tag, Commuter will surely be one of the most anticipated wearable of this year. However, Google would still have to work ahead for the integration of third-party support, which is what makes the success formula for modern-day gadgets. We will have to wait to see if Google can tweak its Project Jacquard to facilitate the aforesaid before fall this year.

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