Firefox is Bidding Goodbye to Windows XP and Vista with Its Latest Incarnation

March 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been a while since Microsoft has officially pulled out the support for its long-beloved XP platform. Yet, there are still a few developers who continue to provide support for their services in the platform, and Mozilla’s Firefox web browser was one among those. However, that would soon change.

The company has just started rolling out its new Firefox v52.0, and it will be coming out as the final version that will offer support for Windows XP. It’s not just Windows XP that will have the support dropped from Mozilla, as the browser will also part ways with Windows Vista which is running through an extended support period that will come to a close this April.

Mozilla will only be providing essential security updates for the said platforms, and that too for a year. Version 52 will enjoy the roll out of new and additional features, but those will be limited to devices running Windows 7 to the least.

Another highlight of the new Firefox version is the unhitching of plug-in support except that for Flash. Support for all the plug-ins running on the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) will now be terminated in Firefox, which means that those running on Silverlight, Java and Acrobat will no longer stand up if using Firefox.

Mozilla has also added support for WebAssembly, which the company says will offer near-native performance to games, apps, and software without any dependence on plug-ins. Version 52 also now warns when entering credentials on unencrypted HTTP websites.

A warning message will be popped up when entering information on such sites, following which users will also be given the option to request the webmaster of those sites to switch to encrypted HTTP.

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