Magic LeaP Prototype Leaked; CEO Rules Out Lack of Progression

February 15, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like what could have been rather an exciting leak has now turned out to be something that has raised many eyebrows. The potential prototype of Magic Leap’s secretive augmented reality has now leaked, and it looks like the most inconvenient AR device we have seen until now.

The so-called prototype that was leaked by Business Insider took the form of a bag pack, with completely exposed wires and hardware. A unit for power supply could also be spotted on the hands of the wearer. It was also reported that the company will be holding a board meeting where an advanced prototype will be presented before the members.

What surprised all was the bulky form of the device, which was else believed to be as compact as Microsoft’s Hololens. The prototype has immediately raised concerns about the progress of Magic Leap, and it will take much more work from the company to come up with a device that stands close to what they have promised before.

This follows the earlier reports which claimed that Magic Leap was way behind its development timeline. The demonstration video that was released last year also showcased fabricated footage from Weta Workshop instead of putting up anything captured using the device.

However, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is reassuring  fans that everything is going well inside the development studio. Abovitz has shared on Twitter that the image that was leaked was in fact an R&D test rig with which the company collects space data for machine learning works. He also added that the company’s fans won’t be let down with the actual product.

That’s quite a promise from Abovitz, but not many would be falling for it. It would certainly take Magic Leap to come out with a ‘real prototype’ if to restore the faith.

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