Xiaomi Eyeing Top Tier Spot with In-House Processors

February 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi has already set big ambitions, and it is now pushing the limits with a new endeavor. If reports are to be believed, Xiaomi is focusing on a new area of expertise which should make them join the list of limited smartphone vendors from around the globe. That’s because their new focus is on silicones.

According to reports, Xiaomi is currently working on in-house processor which would eventually have the currently used processors wiped out from their smartphone hardware boards. Unlike Samsung, which houses in-house Exynos processor, Xiaomi will be isolating its smartphone brand from the rest by completely replacing the Qualcomm and MediaTek processors which they currently rely upon.

The launch will be taking place soon, as reports also suggest that the first device to house the new processor, which is codenamed ‘Pinecone’, will be soon launched into the market, probably within a couple of months. That makes the timeline perfect for a new flagship launch from Xiaomi, probably the Mi 6.

This year would also possibly face a shortage in silicones with Samsung hogging the Snapdragon 835 chipsets for Galaxy S8. The move has seen LG ditching the new-gen chipset for its G6 flagship, which will now feature the Snapdragon 821 chipset instead. Xiaomi could face the same threat shall they decide to stick their yearly timeframe of launching the Mi flagship during March.

Sticking with the SD 821 chipset won’t be a convenient option, as they already have the chipset bundled in Mi 5s. This should force the company to debut its chipset outing with a powerful SoC that would rival the one from Qualcomm.

Currently, there are only three smartphone manufacturers who provide in-house chips; Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Xiaomi would only be the second Chinese manufacturer to make it to the list following Huawei, which reflects the pace at which the company is working in tandem with its global expansion plans.

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