Lenovo Yoga A12 is an Android Tablet Packed with the Pros of a Laptop

February 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo’s Yoga Book was one of its kind. With all those Halo touch keyboards, Lenovo did manage to wow the users. And the company is determined to repeat the charm once again with the Yoga Book Successor, the Yoga A12.

Introduced as a mid-range tablet, the new Yoga A12 will drop the Windows ecosystem to make the tablet run alone on Android OS, be it operated as tablet or as a laptop with the touch keypad.

The Halo touch keyboard used in Yoga A12 is quite the same as that used in the Yoga Book. There’s also the promise that it will learn your typing habits the more you play with it.

Yoga A12 has been designed specifically to be light despite featuring a bigger keyboard like that of in a laptop. The 360-degree hinge design is also claimed to offer the ease of use to its users. The display is of 12.2 inches, which is perfect considering the utility of the convertible laptop.

Inside the device is an Intel Atom x5 processor that is paired with a 2GB RAM.  32GB storage is what you get in-built. Above all, the device also packs a powerful battery that provides the endurance of a tablet, yet by delivering productivity close to that of bigger pro laptops. That’s what Lenovo has aimed to achieve with the Yoga A12.

Lenovo also has managed to pull out a surprise in terms of its pricing, by keeping its price-tag under $300 range. For $299, Lenovo Yoga A12 is definitely a worthy option to consider if you looking for a tablet that carries along all the pluses of a laptop.

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