Apple to Augment Intel Chips in Mac with In-House Processors

February 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is planning to introduce a new chip to the Mac devices that will be built in-house. But that shouldn’t end Apple’s love story with the chips from Intel as Apple’s new in-house processor will not be entirely replacing the Intel processors that have been in for years in Mac.

Instead, the company will be introducing to augment the currently used chip so as to offload some of its features to the new processor that’s being developed. That will include the Power Nap features of the Intel processor that has been there to save the battery life.

Mac makes use of the Power Nap features to perform tasks while in sleep mode like email downloads and calendar updates, iCloud sync, Time Machine driver backups and a host of other features. Apple is planning to introduce the new chip so as to make it power-efficient, by switching all the tasks from Intel to a more energy-efficient processor.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro did receive some criticism in regard with its battery performance. With the process, Apple will also be able to work further with the capabilities of the Power Nap features.

It’s not an entirely new move from Apple, as the company has previously introduced secondary processor to aid the Intel chips. The recently released MacBook Pro came with a dedicated Apple-made chip that was put to dedicatedly handle the Touch Bar. If reports are to be believed, the new processor will fall along the same line.

The new chip is likely to make its debut in the new MacBook Pro that will be announced later this year.

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