Twitter is Unifying Moments and Live Videos with the New Explore Tab

January 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Moments, one of the features that welcomes you on Twitter, is giving way to a new feature. The feature is not getting axed although. Instead, Twitter is integrating the Moments feature into a completely new feature called the Explore.

Explore is the new tab for Twitter that has been introduced for the iOS version of the social networking service. Android users will be soon receiving the new feature, and Twitter also says that the feature will also be expanded to the web platform.

Explore replaces the Moments tab in the bottom of the app alongside shifting its position from centre to the left. On center now is the search option. The aim of the Explore feature is to put together the features that were previously scattered across within Twitter. Those services include Moments and live videos in particular, but it also brings searches and trending topics alongside.

Moments was introduced by Twitter during last year to catch up with the rival platform, offering quick and short access to what’s happening around. However users had to dig out what they want to follow by means of search or adding links, and this inconvenience is what Twitter is replacing with the Explore feature.

According to the company, Explore will offer a more simplified access to all the trending topics and happenings across the globe. Twitter has been testing the feature with limited users during the past month, and it’s the feedback that has urged Twitter to now make the feature rolled out for all.

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