Google Pixel Successor Might Feature an Even Better Camera

January 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Year 2016 had a clear winner, and it was none other than Google. With its Pixel devices, Google has managed to create a space in the smartphone industry with elegance. Google’s rise to the top was partly aided by the fact that its top rivals never quite upped the game in 2016. Apple’s iPhone 7 didn’t bring any big additions as the company was hoarding all its innovations for the 2017 iPhone, while Samsung completely got it messed up with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

But take nothing away from Pixel; Google’s prime hardware attempt did featured top-notch features that made the device stand apart from the rest. Among all those, the catchiest piece was its impressive camera that raked up massive applause from all over. And if reports are to be believed, Google isn’t yet done with its camera shake ups.

Accordingly, Google has already commenced the works for the Pixel successor, and yet again, the company is giving close attention to camera upheaval. That said, Google won’t give couple of extra count to the pixel count of its image sensors. Instead, it will be working on the same resolution camera to load more features, specifically of those like its low-light capturing ability. Pixel’s low-light photography was indeed one of its charming features, and we can expect even better abilities on Pixel 2.

Apart from that, Google is also said to be housing better processor in Pixel. Qualcomm’s SD 835 remains the most speculated one, but talks are that Google is testing multiple processors including those from Intel. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if Google ends up showing up Pixel 2 devices with multiple processors, as there’s a Pixel 2B device said to be executed by Google that will presumably feature a lower-price point with lowered specs.

The mainstream Pixel 2 device can be expected to retail at a higher price point than of the original Pixel. The Pixel 2B on the other side will feature a much lower price-tag with an eye on emerging markets. It might only be released after the bigger Pixel makes its debut in market. There’s still long way to go before Google adds its new member in the Pixel family, so things could change by the time it comes out.

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