Facebook Starts Testing Stories with Disappearing Images and Videos

January 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After having successfully mimicked Snapchat through Instagram with the launch of Stories last year, Facebook is at it yet again. The social network platform is now carrying forward the ephemeral Stories feature to Facebook app.

Facebook Stories, as it’s called, brings out the very same interface that has been in use in Instagram Stories, and lets users perform the same actions with its new tool. The feature will let users post ephemeral pictures and videos threaded together that will last for 24 hours.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook Stories won’t appear directly in your Timeline or Newsfeed and can only be accessed through the dedicated Stories feature.

Until now, Facebook has been taking on Snapchat by rolling out similar services through its own apps like the Messenger, Instagram, and even Whatsapp. But the new Stories feature appears to be the most direct take on Snapchat from the rival, and Facebook is making sure that it reaches out to the users pretty straight.

That’s why they have the Stories feature popped up right on top of the app through which users can post their own stories as well as view Stories from other people. Users will also be able to reply to other stories posted with a direct message. Filters, including those similar to geofilters are also made available with the new tool.


Facebook Stories won’t be available to all however, at least as of now. The feature is currently being tested among Android and iOS users in Ireland. But we can soon expect the feature to make its global appearance.

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