Japan Display Shows Off Cheap LCD Alternate to Flexible OLED

January 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Flexible OLED is essentially the future of display equipment. Samsung has embraced the technology with its Edge branded smartphones, and it will be further expanding with the introduction of more foldable devices probably later this year. Apple too is expected to introduce the curved display technology with its upcoming iPhone device.

That said, it’s quite clear that flexible OLED isn’t the cup of tea for the affordable device segment. Clearly, those are meant for the premium flagship devices. However, that could get changed in the near future, thanks to an innovative breakthrough technology from Japan Display Inc.

Following the announcement of their flat displays last week, Japan Display Inc. has just revealed a new flexible LCD display which the company calls FULL ACTIVE FLEX. With a display size of 5.5-inches, JDI’s new display isn’t the one that’s loaded with the premium specifications. Instead, the display packs a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which has become quite common in modern-day affordable displays.

Besides, Full Active Flex display also replaces the glass based foundation used in OLEDs with plastic components. There should arise some concerns about the build quality with this replacement, but JDIs counters that with the cost-effective trait of its display technology.

Throughout the announcement, JDI has stressed on the fact that its display technology has an essential focus on cost. The plastic build and the non-premium resolution definitely helps it maintain that focus, but even more impressive is the current cycle rating that can be clocked variedly at 15 Hz, 30 Hz and 60 Hz. This particular variation should help the display attain better power efficiency, also making it suitable for various uses.

Combining the aforesaid features make the display apt for paving the way for affordable mid-range devices to embrace curved display technology. JDI has revealed that its display technology isn’t as foldable as OLED panels, but it’s flexible enough to offer Galaxy S7 Edge like display, which should be a stunning addition in the affordable segment.

JDI will have the new display put for mass production as early as 2018. The company has also revealed that flexible LCD is being adopted by a bunch of companies, although not revealing the names of those companies. JDI is one of the major display suppliers of Apple. JDI is also planning to expand the display technology to laptops and cars beyond smartphones.

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