Apple Watch to Cause Minimum Distractions When in Theaters, Thanks to Upcoming Update

January 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple Watch comes with the perky feature of waking the screen when lifted. But that can be quite distractive sometimes, especially when in theaters or churches and raising your arms not intending to wake up your Apple Watch. Thankfully, Apple is addressing that issue with its latest watchOS update.

According to Apple’s developer guide, Version 3.2 of watchOS will be adding a new ‘Theater Mode’ to keep your Apple Watch silent even if raising your wrist. The smartwatch will not just have its display turned off, but it will also cancel out all notification tones when the ‘Theater Mode’ is activated.

The notification alerts will not be entirely turned off either, as Apple Watch will still alert you of the notifications via haptic feedback. This is different to the Theater Mode in Android Wear that was introduced with v5.0. In the Android ecosystem, Theater Mode was used to completely turn off the display and notifications including vibrations.

But the process of waking up the screen is almost the same. Users will either have to tap the screen or press the digital crown in order to access the notification or turn on the screen.

Apart from Theater Mode, Apple will also be adding SiriKit, making the Siri services more accessible to apps and other services. Apps will be able to access Siri without relying on the iPhone. This should make Siri more integrated with further bunch of apps in Apple Watch. The support for SiriKit will cover various apps and services including those for messaging, payments, ride sharing, calls, photo searches etc.

Apple hasn’t mentioned when the new update will be coming out. There’s also no word on when the developer preview versions will be rolled out.

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