Tumblr is Finally Letting Users Adorn Their Creations with Filters and Stickers

January 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tumblr was one among the very few social networking space that stood off post-effects for photos, despite the micro-blogging network being heavily revolving around images and GIFs. But the story is changing now, as Tumblr has decided to catch up with the rest by bringing the much-required tools on its smartphone app.

The Yahoo-owned company is finally letting its users play with the photos and GIFs in the smartphone app by introducing filter and sticker support to those. Users can access the sticker options by tapping the new ‘face’ button that will be available once an image or GIF is created inside the app. Stickers can also be combined with text layouts, which makes sense considering that the sticker library includes ones like text bubbles.

Users can retrofit their images with over 100 new stickers available from the Tumblr library that includes sunglasses, VR helmet, and more. Tumblr will be expanding its sticker library with the addition of further contents over time. That will be in addition to the limited-time stickers that will be made available during specific points of the year.

The process of adding filter is similar to that of stickers, except that users will have to tap the ‘wand’ button instead of hitting the ‘face’ button. Users can scroll through the various filters available by swiping the screen to left or right.

Tumblr has been slow-paced in introducing trendy features, but they have made sure that the features are robust-packed. The GIF creation tool inside the app is one of the most widely used. As with the new filter features, Tumblr is making a step up by introducing 3D stickers that can improve the overall aesthetics. Besides, the filters and stickers are also supported elsewhere including its messaging service and iMessage app extension.

The features are being made available on both Android and iOS versions of the app.

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