WhatsApp Drops Support for Devices with Older Versions of Android and iOS

January 3, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is gradually taking its step to ensure that encryption and security features in its messenger platform become available for all. As a result, the popular messaging service is now withdrawing its working from the older versions of smartphone operating systems.

The company has now phased out its support on older platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows 7 with effect from January 1. People using the specified older versions will no longer be able to use the messenger app in their devices, and those include devices that run smartphones running version prior to Android 2.2 Froyo and iOS 6.0.


Apparently, the percentage of devices currently using the above-mentioned operating systems is less than 0.1%. It shouldn’t be making a big impact after all. Yet, WhatsApp’s move is still a bold one considering that it’s dropping those devices that are not capable of facilitating modern-day security features, which also includes encryption technology.

WhatsApp has started a similar move for older BlackBerry and Symbian 40 devices by dropping the support for the respective OS. However, it later extended the deadline to July 30, 2017 during an announcement through its blog post in November last year.

However, we don’t think WhatsApp will be giving a second chance to the above said Android and iOS platforms. The cases is also same with Windows 7 running devices, but it’s not been specified as to which version the users will be able to continue with their WhatsApp services.

As to users still using the older versions, they are now advised to upgrade to a new device running the later versions of Android/iOS/Windows 7. They could also check for upgrading their devices to newer versions, which unfortunately won’t workout officially in most cases.

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