Apple’s iOS 10.3 Beta to Launch this Month with New ‘Theater Mode’

January 3, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s latest version of iOS was just released a few weeks ago. But that hasn’t stopped the company from presenting the new beta version of iOS, version 10.3.

According to the latest reports, the iOS v10.3 beta will be rolling out to developers on January 10. The info was revealed by noted leaker Sonny Dickson who also revealed through a tweet that the new beta will be including a new Theater mode.

Dickson hasn’t revealed any info on the new mode, and that, for now remains anyone’s guess. But one thing he has added is that the new Theater mode will be accompanied by a popcorn-shaped Control Center icon through which the new mode can be accessed by users.


One guess could be that the new mode will be introducing the Dark Mode for mobile devices. Apple’s Dark Mode was reportedly said to be making its debut on iOS 10. The new version could be an enhanced version of the Theater mode, and could bring in more features alongside turning off the screen lights.

It still needs to be seen what really Apple is hiding up its sleeve with the new Theater mode. That said, the new will function to turn off sounds, notifications, haptic feedback along with the screen light to avoid any sort of disturbance while watching movies.

Besides the Theater Mode, version 10.3 of iOS will be arriving with minor updates for the current version. The latest iOS version will also have a focus on enhancing the performance of iPads. We will have to wait for a week to see what exactly Apple is hiding up its sleeves.

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