LG Levitation Speakers Would be Able to Float for 10 Hours

December 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Levitation speakers aren’t totally new to the tech industry. They have been here for a while now. Yet, it has been missing the right push that was required to put it under the limelight. Now, South Korean manufacturer is giving the gadget the very push by launching its own product under the category.

The company has just revealed its new Levitating Portable Speaker (or PJ9), that puts a small egg-shaped speaker over a central base, which the company calls Levitation Station. The Levitation Station is not just the central base for the floating speaker, but is also the charging dock for this wireless Bluetooth speaker. It also doubles up as the subwoofer.


The levitation is acquired with the help of electromagnets that provide the floating effect for the speaker. LG’s Levitation Portable Speaker is not just good-looking, but also manages to deliver good sound-quality. Along with the powerful bass from the subwoofer, LG’s new device also offers 360-degree omni-directional sound.

The base can hold the speaker levitated for a span of ten hours, which is the battery life of the speaker. Once it runs out of charge, the speaker floats hovering around and lands down to the base automatically to get powered up. Audio will continue to play even if the speaker is docked in its base station.

LG’s levitation speaker is not the first in business, but its entry shows that mainstream companies are now eyeing the relatively new speaker segment.

LG hasn’t revealed details about the release and pricing of the new speakers. More details can be expected by the first week of January, as LG will be showcasing the Levitation Portable Speakers at CES, 2017.

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