Spotify’s New Update Makes it the Best Suitable App for Touch Bar

December 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s introduction of the Touch Bar for its upgraded Mac Book has split its users in two halves. Thankfully, app developers have been striving hard to fully integrate their apps with the Touch Bar and make most of it to cool down the angered ones. Now, we are having even more as Spotify is updating its app to make it one of the best-integrated for the Touch Bar.

Spotify’s new Touch Bar interface seems to have been adopted from that of iTunes Touch Bar interface. However, Spotify has crafted the update well enough to load plenty of music control features over to the Touch Bar so that users can now stream music from their Spotify accounts with ease.


As with music playback, the Touch Bar is loaded with many options like shuffle, pause, repeat, play and skip buttons. Besides, the app now also throws other interface control options like back-forward button to jump through the various screens of the app.

There’s also a search option to get you directly focused onto the search text field. The volume slider in the Touch Bar ensures that you get independent control over the music volume without having to alter the system volume.

The provided options definitely provide one of the best experiences of putting the Touch Bar to right use. And as if not enough, the updated Spotify app also supports the auto pause feature of the Apple AirPods. With the new feature, Spotify will automatically put the music playback to halt when removing the AirPods from ears, and vice-versa.

This too is a feature that has been available with iTunes and Apple Music. But Spotify’s grab of these features should ensure that users get more satisfied with the upgraded MacBook Pro.


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