Facebook is Overhauling ‘Nearby Friends’ with Wave Feature

December 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is revamping its Nearby Friend feature that is packed under the ‘More’ option in the main app. As a result, the company is bidding goodbye to one of the main visual component of the Nearby Friends feature.

With the new move, Facebook is chopping off the mapping feature that let users project their exact locations to friends in a map. The previous option let users to put up their precise location on a map, and make them visible to friends for a certain period. Users also had the option to make the location access permanent so that they always gets showed up in the map.


However, this feature is now being taken down, and instead, Facebook is adding a new ‘Wave’ feature, which will only be a broadcast of your location to your nearby friends to show them that you are available for hanging up. The feature will only broadcast your approximate distance from the user instead of having your precise location yelled out.

Similarly, users can check the Nearby Friends feature to see the list of friends that are available in their proximity. Clicking a user will guide you to the message page with which you can arrange the get-together with them.

Mapping your location was a convenient feature available, but its takedown does indicate for a safer means to share your availability status to your nearby friends. Showing up your location on map never implied that you are always available. Besides, turning off the mapping can also decrease battery drain for those who have accidentally turned them on permanently in the maps.

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