Cyanogen to Call it a Day by Year-end; CyanogenMod to Live on as Lineage OS

December 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cyanogen, the company that offered retouched Android OS in an effort to provide better versions of Android, has decided to cease its operations by the year end. The company will no more be rolling out newer Cyanogen OS versions, and will also stop offering any future updates to the current line-up of Cyanogen OS, starting this December 31st.

The company was earlier rumored to have circulated internal announcement that it will be heading towards closure. This was followed by its active functioning in the following weeks, which cooled down the rumors of a shutdown. However, Cyanogen has now come up officially with the announcement of its shut down.


With the shutdown, Cyanogen will stop offering updates to all of its current nightly builds, and will also put an end to the company’s services by the specified date. However, it has revealed that the source code for Cyanogen OS and the open source project will still be made available to developers for the personal customization of CyanogenMods.

The CyanogenMod team, who has been working behind the development of the CyanogenMods through developer communities, has also revealed that it will continue its support for CyanogenMods under the name Lineage. According to the developers, the new OS will be returning to grassroots community effort to follow the CyanogenMod standards alongside maintaining professional quality and reliability.

As with the current Cyanogen OS powered smartphones, there is no word on whether the devices will be affected. It can be expected that the critical components of the OS won’t be cut down despite the shutdown of the infrastructure. Further details can be known only after the year end.

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