Google Confirms Launch of Its Non-Pixel Flagship Smartwatches

December 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s pair of flagship smartwatches, which has been on the rumor mills ever since the Google Pixel smartphone rumors initially popped up, is now turning into a reality. The pair of smartwatches will be brought out officially by the first quarter of 2017, confirmed Jeff Chang, product manager of Android Wear at Google.

This coincides with the earlier reports that Google’s pair of new smartwatches will be making its entry by early 2017. However, Google’s smartwatches won’t be branded under the Nexus like it was said before, and neither it will be pumped out as a Pixel smartwatch. Instead, Google will have the smartwatches branded under the manufacturer itself. Google hasn’t revealed with whom they have tied up for the manufacturing of the upcoming smartwatches.


Google’s launch of two new smartwatches was already speculated a lot in reports. With a confirmation that comes much ahead of the launch, Google is putting an effort to stir up the smartwatch segment, which has been facing a huge downfall in terms of markets sales and curiosity generation among the mass. Google has now employed the measure of putting the focus back on the dull segment to raise the curiosity before they get underway with the launch.

Alongside, Chang has also confirmed the debut of Android Wear 2.0 in the new devices. As per the report in The Verge, a developer preview version will be coming out in January, and it will be supporting two of the most longing features among Wear users; Android Pay and Google Assistant.

As with the smartwatches, it has been rumored earlier that the two smartwatches will be coming out under the codenames Swordfish and Angelfish. The former will be a base model, while the latter will be an advanced one with the inclusion of LTE, GPS and heart-rate monitoring features.

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