BitTorrent Live P2P Video Service Finally Heads for Smartphones

December 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nearly six months after its debut, the BitTorrent Live video service is finally hitting the smartphone platforms. The app that offers live video contents is now available for iOS platform following a series of delays.

The service will be making its debut in iOS with a collection of 16 live channels, which includes some popular ones like NASA, One World Sports, and France 24. The number might not look impressive, but it’s the technology behind the BitTorrent Live feature that makes the service more interesting.

BitTorrent has used the same peer-to-peer file sharing technology of its parent app in the Live video services to unhitch the channels from cables and satellites and pair them on to user internet bandwidths.


Viewers are turned into broadcasters in BitTorrent Live, and this helps the service to provide a video streaming service that comes more distributed. According to company claims, BitTorrent Live offers lower latency and more scalable streaming than that of the conventional methods.

Despite the claims, BitTorrent Live will still require the inclusion of more channels to get the users grip to the new service, be it on iOS devices or on the platforms in which the service is already available. The company hasn’t revealed any info on whether there will be new channels included in the coming days.

BitTorrent Live was launched in June last year, and is currently available on MacOS, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV apart from the iOS ecosystem. BitTorrent initially had plans to launch the service on iOS in July this year, but its plans dealt with several blows, forcing the company to push the release again and again.

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