Google’s Search App Could Soon Get Some Data Friendly Features

December 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s default search app for Android devices might soon have a couple of new features to aid data savvy users. The company is now testing three new features through its new beta version available for some users, and two of those new features is being offered keeping in mind low-data situations.

The prime feature is the offline search feature that is being introduced in the new version. However, Google Search’s offline feature is not like the offline feature available in remaining Google apps where you can download files to be accessed later. Instead, Google Search’s offline feature will be working on a different mode.

With the new feature, Google will continue its search in the background even if a search is carried out when in offline mode or with low network connectivity. This ensures that the search doesn’t get dismissed under such circumstances. Google will also notify the users once the search has been completed. Users can also manage the pending searches and notifications under the settings menu


Apart from this, Google is also testing out a new Lite Mode feature which aims at easing the data consumption in devices. The option can be found under the hamburger menu, and it can be turned on to consume less data when performing searches. It can also be turned to an automatic mode with which Google Search app will trigger the Lite Mode when browsing with low network connectivity.

Another option that is being added along with the two new options is a Recent Tab, which will provide an easy gateway for users to surf through their recent search history. The tab can be accessed from the menu, and it will display a scrollable list of recent searches along with thumbnail preview of the sites. Multiple consequent pages that were opened under a single search will also be grouped and displayed at the bottom with an indication of the number of pages that were browsed in each session.

The new features are available only in version v6.9.36.21of the Google Search app, which unfortunately is not accessible for all at the moment. You can check for the updates to see if the options are made available in your device.

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