WhatsApp Working on Revoke and Edit Features for Sent Messages

December 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s always an awkward moment to have a message sent to a wrong contact in your list, be it in a messenger platform or through mails. Thankfully, mail providers are offering undo options to retrieve such unintentionally sent mails, and the step has been later adopted by many smartphone messaging platforms, with the latest one joining in the list being WhatsApp, the most popular messenger platform in smartphones.

According to reports, WhatsApp is currently testing a ‘revoke’ feature to revoke sent messages, in the iOS beta version Along with the revoke option, the company is also setting up option to edit an already sent message like editing the comments in Facebook.


To perform the aforesaid actions, users will only have to hold the sent messages, and WhatsApp will throw you a carousel which will have the revoke option along with other options like marking the message as favorite. To perform the edit option, users will have to turn it on under the settings as WhatsApp will have the feature turned off by default. Once turned on, the carousel will include a new edit option the process of editing is similar to how you revoke it.

Messages once revoked will be replaced with a plain message that reads ‘user has revoked message’, which means that the recipient will be able to know if a message has been revoked, even if they won’t be able to access the content of the revoked messages.

A tweet depicting the new feature also shows the user revoking a message with blue tick, which indicates that users will be able to revoke and edit messages that have already been read by the user. It doesn’t make any sense however.

The feature is currently available only in the iOS version of the app, but we can expect the feature to be available in Android version once it becomes official.

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