Vine’s Short Looping Videos Will Outlast via a Rebranded App

December 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The news of Vine facing the axe sent many to dismay, and it seems like Twitter wants to console those weeping hearts. A new announcement from the parent company has now confirmed that the short looping video service will be living on, but not like it was before.

According to the blog post, users will still be able to capture Vine videos through a rebranded app following the pull down of Vine, and it will be called Vine Camera. The change in name is also an indication that the rebranded app won’t be a social media platform anymore, and will instead be serving as a camera app.

Users will not be able to do anything which they enjoy in Vine, and will only be able to save their 6.5-seconds videos to their device. That’s similar to the current form of the app, which lets users save the Vine videos to their devices. The app version of Vine downloads videos without any indexes, whereas the desktop version will download videos along with details like comments, likes and revines.


Users can still share the new videos through the Vine Camera on Twitter, but not on any other platform. But we believe that won’t be a pain, as users can rely on the share-sheet on their gallery to send it across other social platforms.

Vine’s existing app will be going down in January, following which the website will be run in archive mode. Twitter hasn’t revealed until when the videos will stay on its archive. Alongside, Twitter is also letting users to transfer their following List in Vine easily to Twitter. This can be done by following the pop-up suggestion that appears to ask if they would like to keep following the popular video creators.

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