Samsung’s Third-Gen Gear VR Headsets Likely to Rope in Augmented Reality

December 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whether or not Augmented Reality will form the cornerstone of future technology is still a matter that is open to debate. Initial impressions of Magic Leap got fainted with the company reaching nowhere in terms of its optical technology development. As with Microsoft Hololens, the hefty price tag of $3000 makes it out of reach for many.

But time and again, tech giants show up to cement the hopes on AR, and this time, its Samsung who is restoring the faith in AR advancements. The recently held Virtual Reality Summit has surprisingly revealed the company’s intention to develop an AR headset that will be similar to Hololens, but far more affordable than the one from Microsoft.

Alongside, Samsung has also confirmed the launch of its Gear VR successor, which will be only an upgraded version of the current virtual reality headset. It is with the Gear VR 3 version that the augmented reality works of the company are getting coupled with.


According to what has been revealed, the new AR powered headset will come powered with light field engine that is expected to deliver realistic holograms, which according to the company will be ‘ostensibly touchable’.

There aren’t any details available as of how far the works have been progressing. But words are that Samsung is also eyeing for a third party partnership to boost its augmented reality outputs alongside speeding it up.

As with the Gear VR 2 Headset, Samsung will be retaining the USB-C and microUSB adapter, which was introduced with the second version of its first gen Gear VR headset. It is likely to get introduced in a few months, which makes its launch fall along with the Mobile World Congress event where the company is expected to launch its Galaxy S8 flagship.

Gear VR 2 is expected to be launched with fewer upgrades, as bigger updates are expected for its AR powered headset. However, the new version will be upgraded to match the Google Daydream standards. Further details are expected to get revealed before it makes its official debut.

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