Facebook Testing Couple of Interesting Features for Its Desktop Platform

December 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every now and then, we see Facebook coming up with new features to be tested among closed group of users. Some of them see the end light, while others are left behind. The latest ones that are being tested are certainly features which many would wish to come out of the testing and to the public.

The first feature is the group voice calling feature with friends, which actually has already been introduced earlier for the smartphone platform through Messenger app. But this time, Facebook is trying to bring the feature on to desktop platforms, pulling out a direct take on rival platforms like Skype.

Compared to the latter, Facebook’s desktop group calling feature makes more sense given that it’s more easier to get connected with family and friends circle. It should also presumably expand the reach of group conversations carried out through Messenger.



Only a few users have been handpicked for the testing program, and those selected can have a shot at the new feature by clicking the new phone icon, which can be seen on top of the group chat window. There’s no info on the member-count available for each group video call. Messenger currently allows up to 50 persons to join in a single group voice conversation.

Alongside, Facebook is also piloting a new feature that will hand over better control over ads that gets displayed to the users. With the new settings, users will be able to completely get rid of ads which they feel to be insensitive, and it currently includes ads related with alcohol and parenting products. More ad products are planned to be included according to user reports.

Facebook’s current settings only let users to alter the type of ads they see, but this new introduction will offer a better control over ad display by completely getting rid of them from their feeds.

It’s still no guarantee that users will be able to see the new features getting rolled out for the public in coming days, as it pretty much depends on the feedback. But we believe them to be giving the thumbs up for the new features, as these have been features longing by a major share of users for long.

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