Portable Sound System AmpMe Adds Support for Bluetooth Speakers

December 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AmpMe was one simple app available for users to get music amplified by pairing and syncing them on smartphones. Now it’s getting even better as AmpMe is opening up its support for music streaming to Bluetooth Speakers.

Streaming music over Bluetooth Speakers doesn’t require an external app. But AmpMe wants to reduce the burden of tapping the play button on every device at the same time with its high quality stream.

A single device acts as the host, to which multiple devices can be tuned in to stream the music over to them. AmpMe also doesn’t sets a limit on the number of devices to which music can be streamed at a time, which is good considering that the feature comes free of charges.


The app has now also introduced a witty feature to get rid of lags in devices in the form of a slider. Users can get the slider adjusted in case if they feel a delay on a device. The better part is that AmpMe will notice the slide adjustments to take care of the delays automatically so that users needn’t play with the slider every time they stream music through the app.

AmpMe has had a few issues with multiple-device syncing during its launch time, which was two years ago. However, it has worked keenly over time to improve the sync, and the new feature that manually gives the control to users is definitely a welcome addition.

AmpMe launched its services with support only for SoundCloud and local music stored in devices. It got expanded with the support for YouTube recently along with video stream capability. There are plans for expansion, as AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault says that the app will soon add a couple of big sources in the coming months. The company is foreseeing n addition of up to twenty sources by the next two years.

As with revenue generation, AmpMe is also planning for the inclusion of ads, a mode of revenue generation similar to most streaming apps including Spotify. But that’s something that has been planned for the future, and users might not be required to pay a fee in the near future.

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