Microsoft is Making Scripted Interactions More Interesting with Talking Bots

December 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chatbots can make you feel awkward sometimes, and this very feeling has led to the formation of a visible gap in communication between chatbots. But Microsoft is now psyching up to bridge that gap, and for this cause, they are powering up the chatbots in Skype with speech prowess.

With the roll out of new Skype Calling API, developers will be able to integrate speech features in their chatbot to make conversations easier and perceivable. With this in place, users will be able to interact with chatbots that will respond by talking back.

The integration of this new feature would also let chatbots handle communications through calls and voice guidance. Microsoft is also putting an eye on the future, and will be working ahead to incorporate real-time translational features to the talking bots.


The new talking bots will be made available in Skype possibly by the first half of next year. Going ahead, Microsoft will also enable further means of communication, i.e. by employing audio, video and GIF support in chatbots.

The move can essentially make chatbot communication more effortless alongside making scripted conversations more engaging. Microsoft has also been boasting of its advanced speech recognition neural network systems. We do need to see if they will be employing the same for the chatbot services in future.

Microsoft has been constantly engaged with improving its chatbot services, as a result of which they have introduced Expedia and UPS in Skype. But with the new talkback feature, Microsoft is sure taking a step ahead considering the current developments happening around chatbots.

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