Microsoft Edge Browser to Follow the Suit by Ditching Flash by Default

December 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe Flash, the ageing internet platform, will soon be biting dust. The slow death of the platform was initiated by Chrome earlier, and now, Microsoft is joining the force by blocking Flash by default in its Edge browser.

The upcoming release of Edge will default to HTML 5 whenever possible, showing the exit for Flash contents from most of the sites. Microsoft will let Flash contents to run on Flash-heavy sites, which was similar to how Google switched to HTML 5 last month. However, Microsoft hasn’t revealed the ‘top sites’ for which the Flash contents will be allowed to run.

Presumably, the list should include sites like YouTube and Facebook. However, Microsoft says that the list will be narrowed over time, eventually eliminating Flash contents from all the sites.


The measure to default to HTML 5 was adopted earlier this month by Google in its Chrome browser. Apple and Mozilla have also revealed its plan to phase out Flash from its browser over time. With Microsoft Edge now joining the list, all the top-list browsers have now decided to bid good bye to the ageing platform.

As with the user end, the complete phase out of Flash from all the top browsers will finally hand them a better browsing experience with faster load times.

Microsoft is soon expected to roll out the new update of Edge browser to Windows Insiders preview builds, but they haven’t revealed a specific date or about further details of the update. The stable version will be arriving by 2017 with the launch of Windows 10 Creator’s Update.

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