Google is luring iPhone Users to Make the Android Switch with Google Drive

December 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The tussle between Google and Apple in the smartphone business got solidified earlier this year with the launch of Pixel smartphones. Now, nearly two months since the release of Pixel devices, Google is carrying the challenge forward by making it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android devices.

Google’s new piece of trickery comes in the form of Google Drive’s latest version, which guarantees users an easy transition from iPhones to Android. With the latest update, Google promises to bring all of your iPhone data onto your new devices in just three easy steps.

That’s done courtesy of the new update being rolled out for Google Drive, which brings in back up feature for all your iPhone data including contacts, events, calendar entries and photos.


The new backup option can be found under the settings, and users can also decide what to backup in case they want to skip any of the aforesaid. That can be tricky; since you have to make sure that you have ample space in your Google Drive so as to accommodate the hefty data that comes along with images. Besides, the app has to remain on screen during the entire backing up process.

Data once backed up in the drive can easily be restored once you make the switch to an Android device. But like said before, the entire process will require users to clear up space as per the requirements. Plus, they would also require a good Wi-Fi connection to back up huge amount of data if any.

Beside all of these, Google also warns that newly backed up contacts and calendar events would overwrite the ones that are already backed up to the device.

The method seems fine for those making a switch to a non-Pixel Android, provided they have a plan B for backing up iMessages and music. Google’s pet flagship already facilitates easy transition to Pixel via the Google Switch method, which also lets transfer of music, SMS and iMessages along with the rest.

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