Facebook Just Introduced a New Tool for Creating Custom Frames

December 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A lot of you might be aware of geofilters in Snapchat that lets you add location-based filters atop photos. Now, Facebook is having one of its own.

The social media giants are taking yet another leaf out of Snapchat’s playbook by introducing a new filter tool that lets users create custom frames for their profile pictures. Frames made through the feature can be used by anyone along with their profile picture.

The feature, dubbed ‘Camera Effects Platform’ is a result of Facebook’s effort of promoting visual based communication tools among its users. Apart from the main app, the feature is also made available for the Snapchat-like camera messaging feature that is being tested by Facebook among some users.


Facebook’s new frames can be created by anyone through its web interface, but it must be related to a local event or location. It can also be tied up with hangout places like local bars, restaurants etc. so that the frame can be made available to those who have liked those particular Facebook pages.

Similarly, the frames are also location based so that it becomes automatically available to those around that area if enabled. This is for the first time that Facebook is letting people create profile frames, which have been introduced in the social media platform over a year ago.

The feature is currently made available for the regions of Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the UK, and Ireland, the latter where Facebook is already testing out its Snapchat-clone camera. The feature can soon be expected to get rolled out to other global markets including the U.S.

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